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By John Spence

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BUILDING GENERATIONAL WEALTH provides an insight into the keys to creating a sustainable family organization as the economic foundation for generations to come.

The books equip people in career and entrepreneurial advancement with steps in planning, obtaining support and resources, and implementing viable methods to maximize efforts for optimal productivity and accomplishing the purpose, vision, and goals.

After providing years of strategic positioning for Individual Professionals and Entrepreneurs in securing their path to successful growth, we noticed many who need support. Still, we had challenges retaining a group like ours here in the US and across the world or us. Hence our decision to share our expertise through a series of e-books at affordable rates.

Reading can benefit adults just as much as children. Our books delve into the concepts thoroughly and explain a topic's facets, explaining a subject and all of its layers.
The reader benefits from our books by saving time through the information we have provided that helps them avoid future mistakes. It gives access to expertise in a short time with limited exposure to what others have been forced to do in trial and error that have often resulted in unfavorable outcomes.

Excerpts: “Multigenerational families invest differently than regular companies, and family-owned firms are no exception. Likewise, several assumptions about business are likely to be incorrect. Successful companies are similar to families who have collected vast fortunes. It is tough to bring them to life on screen, and it is much more challenging to keep them alive after you have given them life. Particularly when taking into consideration the span of many generations.”


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John Spence