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Dark Psychology 2 in 1: This book includes: How To Analyze People & Dark Psychology and Manipulation. How to Read People's Body Language and Spot Manipulation and Persuasion Techniques.

By Gary Hill

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Do you often feel people
take advantage of you or control you in order to "help you"?

Do you want to learn body
language basics, detect manipulative and toxic people?

What do they think? How do they
feel? Are they lying?


This bundle includes 2 books:

How To Analyze People: What Are Their Intentions? Read People's Body
Language and Get Into Their Heads Without Them Knowing. Verbal & Nonverbal
Communication and Human Behavior Psychology in Use.

Dark Psychology and Manipulation: The Secrets of Dark Psychology in
Daily Life. Discover Techniques of Emotional Manipulation and Persuasion and
Learn How To Avoid Them.

Whether you like it or not, there will always be
people around you trying to use you to their advantage.

But YOU… will read them like a book and further reveal
their manipulation or persuasion tactics.

With How to Analyze People, you'll
notice people's body language on day one and instantly see how they think or
feel. With Dark Psychology and Manipulation, you'll spot possible
manipulation techniques, learn about the dark triad personalities, and how to
protect from them.

Are you ready to uncover the dark?

Dark psychology is a part of people's everyday lives.
While some people use dark psychology tactics consciously and know exactly what
they are doing, some use unethical and dark tactics unknowingly.

But who is really using dark tactics, and who is just using
innocent "white lies"?

What you can find in this bundle:

Book 1: 

  • Human behavior psychology – the key to analyzing people
  • The basics of body language
  • How to analyze a person on a first sight
  • Verbal and nonverbal cues when meeting somebody
  • Different personalities and their attitudes
  • How to quickly recognize a lie
  • Reading People – are they lying, blocking themselves, or using manipulation techniques?
  • Understand their jokes – are they hiding insecurity?
  • Relationship signals of your partner
  • Apply all the above in your everyday life
  • Practical exercises and questions you can ask people
  • You will learn to listen.

Book 2:

  • What is dark
    psychology and what is NOT
  •  How to recognize
    emotional manipulation
  • Persuasion techniques
  • The Dark Triad 
  • How to say no and how
    to handle manipulators
  • Understand and differ
    intentions – What is yours? You can use the tactics to your advantage.
  • How manipulation can
    be good
  • How to spot and
    prevent Dark psychology in everyday lives
  • Toxic relationships
  • Lying
  • Guilt-Tripping
  • And more…

this bundle, you will read about the basics of human behavior and learn about
the importance of body language. You will be able to identify people's
intentions, detect dark tactics and protect yourself or your loved ones from

Take it in your hand! Get your hands on this book right
now and become a strong and influential person who masters their relationships
with ease. 

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Gary Hill