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The Art of Chaos: The Aesthetics of Disorder and How to Use It to Do Magic, Change Your Life and Be Lucky

By Robin Sacredfire

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If you feel or ever felt lost in life or know someone that does, this is the perfect book for you. After traveling to over fifty cities around the world, most of the times without any plan whatsoever regarding what or who I would find, how much money I would lose or gain, or what I would do or not, and, especially, after meeting many people doing the same, in some cases for decades, a pattern start emerging from such experiences. From this awareness came an understanding that vastly surpassed everything I ever knew about spirituality. And yet, I didn’t stop my personal research here, as I kept investigating the implications of such observations with those that have done the same but left their country and family behind to join religious organizations.One way or another, we see people moving, creating new connections, exploring new ways of forming relationships and loving, rediscovering and finding a new self with a combination of elements, that more often than not, dissociate them entirely from their past and previously assumed convictions towards themselves and their existence. And, nonetheless there is more order within this disorder than we can perceive at first sight.Could it be that chaos leads to more happiness and spirituality? This would be a rather simplistic question as that’s not the case most of the times, at least not with those that can’t learn from their past experiences. And the vast majority, still attached to preconceived ideas about life and religion, tend to seek for gurus and ashrams that can reinforce their own delusions, rather than challenging them.Very few individuals become successful by embracing, seeking or even promoting chaos in their life, or what seems chaotic from an outsider perspective. But in this book the reader will see why we constantly reflect what we experience, either it is ordered or disordered, and how to understand the implications of such reflections.This new awareness is what will then allow a better conceptualization regarding how to bring back order from disorder and how to accept chaos in our life as a good form of improving it and improving ourselves as well.It is with the best and most uplifting of intentions that the reader will be guided towards the acceptance of fear, darkness and sadness, as necessary emotional paths and circumstances towards more courage, light and happiness. And this, simply because that which we can control can’t be feared and doesn’t need to be avoided, and despite the fact that such control emerges from the consideration of the invisible as part of what is visible.Our planet is changing into the Era of Aquarium, an Era of more emotional expression and freedom, and as we move forward towards this new state of life, the more we can understand how there is art in chaos, the more aesthetic and beautiful our existence will be and reflect that beauty back at us in perfect harmony.

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Robin Sacredfire