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The 10 Commandments of Satan: A Slant to Raise Awareness and Improve Ethics

By Robin Sacredfire

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The world in which we live follows several rules, paradigms and values that are strongly interconnected between themselves, in order to trap human beings in a mental state that we believe to be good and define our humanity. However, humanity is just the product of a specific conceptualization, expanded into a general perspective about life, as well as borrowed from it.This perspective is today worldwide accepted, thanks to the massive power of the media and education, transforming billions of people in soldiers of this system, and making them completely ready to detach from their relatives, friends, and even their own will to live, if there isn’t a perfect match between who they are, who they want to be and what they want others to become.The need to be accepted while refusing the state of being, drives many to force such acceptation from others, with quarrels, gossips and even massive wars, if needed, to achieve this goal. And in-between these clashes, we have racist Christians, xenophobic Muslims, selfish Buddhists, mad Satanists and arrogant Hindus, that although not representing any truth, contribute to the massive lie in which religion has become, making the most truthful seem apart from the path that these groups created for themselves.For the vast majority of the population, still in its most primitive spiritual state, their messiahs must come from the sky, their buddhas must perform miracles, and their gurus don’t wear jeans and short hair, and can’t be born in the western world. And while inside this delusional paradigm about what is and must be, they believe that they know what is good and bad, and that these concepts can be defined in simple terms. They filter their entire reality with the patterns offered to them from birth and then reinforced throughout their existence.The worldwide accepted lie confuses humanity and contributes to insane behaviors that lead the wrong people to power and allows them to be heard by many, willingly obeying like sheep in the slaughterhouse. Unknowingly, everyone is worshipping the same God, and that imaginary wise, old and kind ruler, is their butcher. That’s why we can say that, among this social cattle, “blessed are the valiant, for they shall obtain great treasure; cursed are the believers in good and evil, for they are frightened by shadows” (Anton LaVey).

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