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When Death Comes: Why, How and When We Die

By Robin Sacredfire

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Many mystics know that there are ways to predict death.These ways or principles are all related. We can predict death with the analysis of auric fields, which are a manifestation of our emotions. But our emotions aren't just about how we feel. We tend to feel according to how we live, and we live according to how we perceive life.Within this line of thought, even though we can't precisely say what will happen in the future without ignoring the power of freewill, as no fortuneteller can, we can work with the probabilities described by a person's state of mind.We can say that it's possible to mention who's more likely to die in an accident, murder or by committing suicide, and who's very unlikely to end in any of these situations.To a great extent, death can be predictable and even avoided. We know that we must drive carefully, but we see many people driving recklessly. We know that we should avoid having sex without a condom, but many still do it. We know that we shouldn't trust strangers and many people do, if seeing one with good appearance and manners. We know that we should be eating healthy, but there are lots of people filling their shopping bags with junk food.We could then say that we have a predisposition to die, but this is also another manifestation of our emotional state of mind.In this book, it will be described how these and other situations can be seen in a wider and deeper perspective, in order to help us predict death.To do this, there are many real life examples that can show us the signs, which are usually known among sensitive individuals, whose skills anyone can develop.These skills are related to the alteration of our aura into a more lively one, which may be a challenge impossible to deal with in many cases of terminal patients, but within the reach of those that still have the strength to change their destiny.

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Robin Sacredfire