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The Path to Success: Famous DJs Best Kept Secrets

By Dan Van Casteele

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There are techniques to DJ and to become a music producer. There are also methods to organize music events and to promote them. But, few people ever wrote about what truly makes everything awesome, or which criteria an artist should follow to gain success and reach the level of the most famous.
Even though many would refer to such knowledge as being impossible to gain or organize in obvious principles, this book is based on the biography of a famous DJ, Dan Van Casteele, who has been implementing it all his life to make himself and others successful, and reach top word charts dozens of times.
This book talks about experiences in DJing, organizing parties, managing DJs, producing and composing Music, as well as in competing against the best musicians in the world. And, while not referring to mainstream beliefs, it does show how to be the best in these situations. This is, very likely, one of the most complete manuals about how to be successful in the field of electronic music.
The content of this book may shock you, due to its simplicity and direct approach to complex topics related to the music industry. Nevertheless, the quality of the best DJs is measured by their results, and it's the intention of this book to maximize them, by promoting the use of good strategies and creative approaches to music.
A Musician is, above all things, an Artist and a Dreamer, and this is the book that shows how to combine these three characteristics altogether and efficiently. Anyone has the right to become a DJ, but only those that can use their heart to perform with love for music and are able to uplift the heart of others, should have such opportunity, and it’s for them that this book is intended. Here, you'll find the most hidden secrets of the music industry and, if you follow them, your chances of reaching popularity will dramatically increase. It includes descriptions, advices and recommendations about the most vital aspects related to the music career of a DJ.
For 4 years, from 2011 to 2014, this book was classified as a Bestseller on Amazon. So, read it, because nobody will ever tell you about the best kept secrets here exposed!
This book is dedicated to Louise Van de Casteele. May her soul rest in peace! But I would also like to express my gratitude to all the DJs, Producers and Nightclub Managers who collaborated in my projects and made the content here exposed possible.

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Book Length: 60-150 Pages

Dan Van Casteele