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Why We Suffer: Why does God allow Evil, Sickness, Suffering and Pain to Exist in this World?

By Robin Sacredfire

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When somebody asks me “do you believe in God?” I have to answer “yes, but maybe mine is not the one you’re talking about”.
Some people get scared and others smile at this answer, which can be seen as either a joke or a warning.
What few people wonder is about what kind of God are they believing in.
They always assume that if my God isn’t the same as theirs, I’m the one worshiping the wrong God.
However, the question related to believing or not in a God, and in what kind of God we believe, makes a huge difference when we want to debate the question of “why does God allow suffering”.
This difference is behind the creation of millions of different belief systems, each one claiming that their God is the true God.
I’m not in favor of the opinion that all Gods are true, which, even if correct, would have to make us question about how many Gods do exist.
The main point is that it doesn't matter how many Gods exist, or if they are all different and true in their uniqueness, as they could only operate under one single system that could be common to all human beings on Earth.
Therefore, we can assume that maybe different Gods could have different purposes in different galaxies where beings are also different from us.
This book proposes to explore, and precisely describe, how a God, or Gods, operate in this planet in particular.
Maybe the rules described here don’t match the God of the reader, and that’s why I must say that this is all about my God, the one in which I believe.
Nevertheless, I must mention that I spent my entire life studying different religions with its leaders, and each one of them told me that my believe system was the same as theirs, at least until we could find something to disagree with, which was actually rare, because the deepest we go in any study of any religious philosophy, the closer we get to the universal truth behind the meaning of each one of them.
I always believed that my God is a good one, so I struggled for many years of my life trying to understand why I was suffering so much and without any mercy. And then I wondered why so many good people that I knew were suffering.
I lost my faith many times, and ended up searching for answers in opposite philosophies, namely, Wicca and Satanic. But I realized that their answers were just another perspective about the same reality.
In fact, my researches on the field of exorcism reinforced this knowledge with a more accurate analysis.
In the end, I was able to make my inner positive nature prevail, and as I continued my studies among different religious systems, and later in the temples of Buddhists in China and Hindus in India, I was able to get a much wider approach to suffering in life.
Today, it’s very simple for me to see why anyone suffers. It only takes a few seconds to realize it.
This skill has helped me make many people happy without many efforts. And they all said that I changed their life dramatically, with just a few very powerful words that they'll never forget.
The power of these words doesn't come from me, but the universal truth that God wants us to learn.
My life today is far happier than it ever was, although I can’t say that it's perfect. And even though I helped many souls reach a better insight about the meaning of their lives, there are still many others that I couldn't help, because they are not ready for the truth.
Even for me, it took quite a few years to understand how this truth works.
Today I know that it doesn't matter if I believe in it or not, because you don’t need faith to believe in a way out of the suffering. At least, it’s not the most important thing. But you do need to know why and how suffering works, to understand its meaning.
In this book, the way out of the suffering, as well as its reasons, are clearly described.

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Robin Sacredfire