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Covid 19. The Darkest Days

By Doreen Gisbourne

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Friday March 20
Government orders all schools to close.
Friday April 3
Panic buying has left shops short of toilet roll, disinfectant, paper towels, soap and hand sanitisers.
Shelves have been left bare.
Thursday April 16
Captain Tom Moore, who is 99, is walking the length of his garden to raise money for the NHS.
Saturday April 24
The Prime Minister compares Coronavirus to a mugger, saying: “This is the moment when we have begun, together, to wrestle to the floor.”
“Coronavirus is the biggest single challenge this country has faced since the war.”
Saturday May 2
Global confirmed cases:
3357,450 total deaths: 238,950
UK confirmed cases: 177,454; total deaths: 27,510.
Sunday December 27
2020 has been a year of “economic crisis, climate emergency” and the evils of racism of war, genocide and persecution.
“It has been a year walking through the valley of the shadow of death.”

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