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The Corporate Warrior: Successful Strategies from Military Leaders to Win Your Business Battles

By James Farwell

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You make critical strategic and leadership decisions in real-time. You need clear, concise, timely information to meet goals, improve performance, and increase profitability. With threats, technology, and competition changing the game at cyber-speed you, as a corporate leader and strategist, are constantly faced with life-or-death business challenges.

Leading international military strategists who have learned survival lessons the hard way on the front lines and yet emerged victoriously can be your guides to winning strategies.

The Corporate Warrior is a practical book loaded with direct, actionable strategies. Thanks to James Farwell’s direct relationships and experiences working with these well-known military leaders, you will learn powerful strategies and tactics to enable your enterprise to confront insurmountable challenges and conquer competition while winning valuable customer recognition and support for your brand!

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Book Length: 320-650 Pages