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The Addiction

By Felicia Yakubu

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While trying to maintain celibacy and chastity, many are battling with the act of masturbation. 

People ask questions like: 

Am I still a virgin after masturbating? 

Is masturbation an ideal alternative to premarital sex? 

These and many more questions can be answered based on a person’s view of virginity.

Some people term virginity as not having any knowledge at all of sexual matters, while others as not engaging in sexual intercourse with the opposite sex.

 Regardless of how it is defined, virginity is influenced by masturbation. 

From the true-life stories in this book, there exists a feeling of guilt that comes after the act of masturbation. 

Although medical expert has argued its importance to psychological health, masturbation has its negative effect.

 Masturbation is similar to a planted tree, lest the roots are detached, it will linger and become an addiction.

This book provides a guide to overcoming and breaking free from masturbation.

It contains historical, cultural, and religious views on masturbation.

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Felicia Yakubu