BIGGEST RELATIONSHIP QUESTIONS ‘ANSWERED’: Discover practical answers to the biggest relationship questions in your mind.

By James C. Clever

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As a relationship coach for the past 25 years, my greatest desire
is to see every relationship work, and I have helped many build
meaningful relationships but I know more can be done since many are
going through terrible experiences in their relationships and some find
it difficult to get the right relationship.

My desire to help
many build meaningful relationships motivated me to search for
relationship questions both online and offline in other to provide
practical solutions to the challenges many are being confronted with in
their relationship which gives birth to
Biggest Relationship Questions ‘Answered’.

Biggest Relationship Questions ‘Answered’ you will learn;

  • When does a relationship become exclusive?
  • Five things you should know about being in an exclusive relationship
  • When you are ready for an exclusive relationship
  • The most effective method to know you're in an exclusive relationship
  • Signs that someone isn't ready for an exclusive relationship
  • Biggest relationship questions about being single and answers
  • How do you know if it’s true love?
  • What does a healthy relationship look like?
  • Attributes of healthy relationships
  • How do you build trust in a relationship?
  • Effect of lack of trust
  • Step-by-step instructions to rebuild trust
  • How can you have better sex with your partner?
  • Step-by-step instructions to have better sex
  • How do you write a good dating profile?
  • How to recognize a decent dating profile?
  • How long should you wait to meet someone you met online?
You will learn all these and more in the Biggest Relationship Question 'Answered' so get your copy and enjoy the ride in getting answers to your relationship questions.

James C. Clever
is one of the world's leading specialists in relationship building and
enhancement. He is also an expert in habit development with over 25
years of experience in handling relationship issues


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James C. Clever