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A Woman's Self-Love: Self-Love and Self-Compassion for Women; 5 Easy Steps to Transform Your Life by Cultivating Self-Compassion and Overcoming Self-Criticism

By Victoria Burshtein

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How to develop Self-Love in five easy steps, even if you failed at every other self-help strategy.

Self-love is essential to feel joy, happiness, and fulfillment.

The biggest roadblock in our journey to loving ourselves is self-criticism. Negative self-talk can damage us if left unchecked, such as feeding into depression and anxiety, lowering self-esteem, and increasing stress, guilt, and shame.

In A Woman's Self Love, you will discover:

* The most common mistake people make when practicing self-love
* The three most essential components to loving yourself
* How to detect your inner critic's main job in your life
* How to redirect your self-talk so it's working for you, not against you
* The one thing that will improve your relationships massively and the way you view the world around you
* Five easy practices that will make you fall in love with yourself
* The single most powerful tactic you can use to switch your inner conversations from self-criticism to self-love

Applying A Woman's Self Love principles will help you boost happiness, enhance self-worth, increase motivation, foster resilience, and much more. Studies have proven that practicing self-love dramatically affects longevity and your quality of life. You can start living a joyful, fulfilled life, even if you are currently dealing with the darkest thoughts.


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Book Length: 60-150 Pages