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The Colours of Love

By Dragan Cvetkovic

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The Colours of Love is a real-life testimony on how a life should be lived and how it should not. It recounts my love for my parents, love for a woman that I loved more than my life, love for my daughter, friends, love for the countries where I lived. It traces a life that was challenged by adverse events, tribulations and desolation far beyond any experience of an ordinary man. Love, crime and science-fiction-like experiences, triggered by delusions and hallucinations, are interwoven in this narrative of life. 

For legal reasons, all names of living persons in this book are fictional. 

I wrote this book when I was fifty-five years old, as a culmination of my life. It recounts my utmost remorse for the things that I did, but I should not have done, and for things that I did not do, but I should have done. The consequences of my decisions, or failure to make a decision when it was required, resulted in extraordinary loss of property—physical and intellectual. I lost my share in five houses and one apartment; I lost my profession, my wife, my daughter, my social status and freedom. None of this was my desire. Why did this happen to me? 

I had all the prerequisites to live a successful and wealthy life. My father was a medical doctor, specialised in neurology and psychiatry; my mother was a piano teacher; I was a medical doctor; my wife was a medical doctor. I had permanent residency permits in two countries, Sweden and Australia. However, I ended up with almost nothing. 

At the relevant times, I was not mentally ill. I did not use drugs. I was not alcoholic. I was not involved in criminal activities. I believed that I loved my parents, my wife, my daughter, my friends, the countries where I lived. Why did I end up in prison? 

With God’s blessing, I reviewed my life. I put it in writing. It is now available to anyone who wishes to learn from other people’s mistakes, or just wishes to see how far human love can be stretched. 

The book is written for adolescents who are just about to face the challenges of their lives. It is also aimed at adults, as a mirror of how good or bad their lives are compared to a non-standard life. 

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Dragan Cvetkovic