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My Sensitive Child: Temperament-Based Parenting Tips from a Child Psychiatrist

By Chi-hyun Choi

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“Sensitivity Is a Special Gift”

- A child psychiatrist’s guide to parenting a sensitive child 

- 13 parenting strategies to reduce anxiety and boost inner strength in susceptible children

“My son jumps at the slightest noise.”

“He hates strangers and unfamiliar places.”

“My daughter gets anxious and worries about things that haven’t happened yet.”

“She repeatedly washes her hands even though they’re clean.” 

Sensitive kids are a source of worry for many parents. Indeed, caring for these delicate, fragile-as-glass children can be overwhelming. How should parents raise these sensitive souls born with a unique temperament that challenges the notion of a “difficult” child?

A trained child psychiatrist, the author outlines several principles all parents should know when raising a sensitive child. Pulling out the common traits in susceptible kids who have come to him for treatment, he distills his findings into 13 key strategies.

The author refrains from complex, jargony terms and writes in an easy-to-read style using detailed examples and comparisons to deliver the essential information needed to support sensitive children. For many parents wrestling with information overload, this book will offer clear, practical guidelines as well as friendly advice that will help put their worries to rest.

When kids face a new set of challenges each day, they naturally develop a defense mechanism against the unfamiliar, which could result in heightened sensitivity. Whether these children grow up to be selfish adults or highly attuned, unique individuals will depend on how they learn to control this sensitive temperament, an area in which parents can play an immense role.

This book will show parents how to nurture the exceptional talent within their susceptible child and help ease anxiety the parents and their kids may have about sensitivity.   

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