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It’s Your Time to Shine Girl: Own Your Brilliance, Step into Your Influence, & Lead Like a Trailblazer

By Natalie Jobity

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Between your self-doubts, imposter syndrome,
fears, and the systemic biases that make it significantly harder for women to
lead, you may have convinced yourself that you don't have what it takes.
Perhaps you've resigned yourself to dimming your light, playing small, and not
believing in your greatest professional aspirations.

With It’s Your Time to Shine Girl, walk through Natalie Jobity’s
twelve steps to unveiling the leader within you, where you’ll get the tools,
advice, and championing your soul has been craving while getting tips to look
fabulous too.

Have you ever felt:

  • Exhausted and
    unfulfilled by your work?

  • So comfortable
    away from the spotlight, you’ve convinced yourself that’s where you

  • Boxed into a role
    doing work that keeps you undervalued or invisible?

  • Unsure that you
    are “qualified” to be a leader?

  • Saddled with
    imposter syndrome or low confidence that keeps you playing small?

  • Being “the only”
    or the “first” in your sphere who longs to feel more empowered, confident,
    and valued?

With Jobity’s expert guidance, your defaults to
play small will no longer be viable options. Instead, you’ll be inspired to
take the reins of your career or business and utilize the concrete steps and
insider secrets within these pages to showcase your brilliance and
unapologetically pursue your God-ordained purpose with gusto, gumption, and

With It’s Your Time to Shine Girl, get ready to make your mark, impact
your sphere, and gain a confidence boost that overrides all your doubts and
fears. Jobity draws from her considerable experience as an image consultant and
leadership and career coach who has worked with hundreds of women, encouraging
them to dare to believe in their inner and outer brilliance.

Here's just a fraction of what you’ll learn from this book:

  • Techniques and
    tools to combat imposter syndrome, perfectionism, and people-pleasing so
    they no longer derail your career

  • Strategies to
    leverage your innate strengths so you can level up your leadership

  • How to cultivate
    greater confidence at work by combatting your limiting beliefs, fears, and
    self-doubts so you can show up fully and confidently

  • Ways to elevate
    your visibility to be seen as the leader you are

  • How to
    self-promote authentically and effectively so you’re not seen
    as arrogant

  • The secrets to
    building a championing “Success Squad” so you have true support to achieve
    your career goals

  • Simple strategies
    to build a personal brand based on YOUR brilliance

  • And so
    much more

This groundbreaking book weaves “Dress for Success” strategies and
leadership empowerment into a beautiful tapestry. You'll be motivated to shine
outwardly and level up your style and wardrobe game from the fashion and image
tips sprinkled throughout these pages like glitter.

Delivered in her trademark direct, conversational, and championing tone, Jobity
keeps it real and authentic. With insights from her own career, business,
faith, and life journey, as well as those of women she’s worked with, Jobity
inspires, ignites, and equips you to unveil your boldest professional dreams.


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Book Length: 150-320 Pages

Natalie Jobity