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She's Meant to Lead: Challenge What It Means to Be a Leader - Discover 14 Leadership Styles and Techniques to Create an Empowering Work Environment

By Kyrabe Stories

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Despite the progress we have made, women are still faced with discrimination and bias in the workplace every day. The only way to prove our capabilities is to be a great leader!

According to the Harvard Business Review, women were rated as more effective leaders than men. Furthermore, out of the 19 leadership competencies, women rated significantly higher in 13 areas.

This isn’t just in leadership roles that are considered traditionally female. The same difference was seen across different functions including IT, research & development, and manufacturing.

So why is it that only 26% of CEOs and managing directors are female?

And the bigger question is, why is it that women earn over $40,000 less per year than men who have earned the same qualification?

There is no doubt that women have more challenges when it comes to leadership roles. These challenges are hard to overcome, but it’s gender bias that causes the biggest problems.

Women are either seen as dainty, proper ladies who are too quiet to lead or as the other extreme – bossy, aggressive, and unladylike.

Consequently, while women have the qualifications and skills required for a leadership role, it’s still the men who are more likely to be offered opportunities.

Now, we can talk for days about the glass ceiling and how unfair the gender gap is, without really achieving anything... Or we can do something about it.

This book will give you the tools and skills you need to excel as a leader and show others how effective women can be. Inside, here is just a fraction of what you will discover:

  • Exactly why the world needs more female leaders and what is holding women back
  • 14 leadership styles and how to discover the best one that fits your personality
  • The real reasons why women fear leadership and 4 ways to calm the anxiety
  • How to overcome imposter syndrome and break the cycle of self-doubt
  • 7 hard skills that you can gain today to demonstrate your leadership qualifications
  • 10 steps to boost communication and 3 bonus steps to make sure you are getting your point across
  • How you can increase your income just by increasing your emotional intelligence
  • The benefits of diversity for all companies— and it’s not just about women!
  • How to create a workplace culture with a growth mindset and eliminate the toxic environment
  • How to manage stress when your responsibilities overwhelm you
  • Why self-care is essential for all professionals, regardless of gender
  • 25 inspiring ideas to practice self-care, ensure work/life balance and enjoy your multiple roles

And much more.

Despite the obstacles you face and the heavy responsibilities already on your plate, leadership is something worth pursuing.

When you have that burning desire to do more, achieve more, and make a positive change in society, you have no choice but to heed it.

With the expertise, skills, and experience in this book, you will be able to follow your dreams, set an amazing example for others, and find a new sense of pride.

If you are ready to fight against gender bias in the workplace, then read on!

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