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Learn & Retain Spanish with Spaced Repetition: 5,000+ Vocabulary, Grammar, & Audio Pronunciation with Anki


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Transform your Spanish skills and build your confidence with this complete handbook and over 5,000 easy-to-use flashcards!

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Specially designed as a fun, practical, and accessible path to mastering Spanish through spaced repetition, this ultimate language learning handbook offers readers of all backgrounds a common-sense and enjoyable way of building their vocabulary and learning faster. Featuring six levels of difficulty, inside you’ll find an intuitive path to effortlessly improving your Spanish comprehension, memory, and grammar skills.

Drawing on the proven benefits of the spaced repetition learning system, including its power to challenge you with words you’re about to forget while downplaying vocabulary you’ve already mastered, Learn & Retain Spanish with Spaced Repetition includes simple examples and lots of flashcards to help you build your confidence at your own pace. You’ll also uncover audio elements with the flashcards to help you pronounce words and use grammar like a native speaker.

Book Details:

    Features a Complete Path to Learning Latin American Spanish, With Six Levels of Difficulty
    Can Be Used in Conjunction with Over 5,000 Flashcards Through The Anki Software
    Lets You Review Tricky Material More Often, so You Can Learn More Efficiently
    Perfect for Readers of All Skill Levels, From Beginner to Intermediate and Beyond
    Includes Practical Examples, Audio Elements, and Step-By-Step Lessons for Grammar and Vocabulary
    And Much More...

So, if you want to say goodbye to boring memory exercises, then Learn & Retain Spanish with Spaced Repetition is for you! These intuitive lessons are designed to make learning a deeply enjoyable and rewarding process as you watch your comprehension skyrocket and start speaking authentic Spanish.

With flashcards that are tailored to challenge you at your level and present you with harder words as you improve, now you can level up your Spanish, avoid repeating words you already know, and grow your vocabulary like never before.

Are you ready to transform your Spanish with the power of spaced repetition and flashcards? Then scroll up and grab your copy today!


Book Length: 320-650 Pages