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Barefoot in the Forest of You

By Nic Obi

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Barefoot in the Forest of You is a guide to reclaiming your authentic sense of self. It is rooted in time-honored methods of self-inquiry, mindfulness, and self-mastery, presented in an unexpected form. This book is unique because it harnesses the power of imagination to energize your personal transformation.

Through 24 innovative techniques and insights, you will be inspired to master your self-speak, revolutionize your inner world, and reframe how you engage with life. Instead of presenting an elusive end goal to achieve, this book is designed to unlock the dynamic wisdom and energy that is already present within you. Rediscover your essence.

If you struggle with self-sabotage, inner division, and negativity, this book can help you heal and integrate and ultimately embody and live the life you know you want.

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ISBN: 979-8362228446

Book Length: 60-150 Pages