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Joseph's Faith: A 30-Day Bible Study Devotional for Women Based on the Life of Joseph from the Book of Genesis

By Mary Jane Humes

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Discover Jesus in the Amazing Life of Joseph From Genesis

learn from Joseph — the man who trusted God implicitly. The encouraging
and moving life journey of Joseph — goat herder, slave, household
manager, prisoner, dream interpreter, and finally governor (highest
official next to the pharaoh) — are recorded in the Biblical book of
Genesis to help us learn how to trust God completely with His plans for
our lives. In Joseph’s Faith, an in-depth Bible study of his life, Mary
Jane Humes brings Egypt’s greatest governor alive. The lessons you learn
from his struggles, integrity, and perseverance can be directly applied
to your own life today. Each day of this thought-provoking, 30-day
devotional includes: • Suggested reading from Genesis about Joseph’s
life. • Related Bible study and teaching with supporting scriptures. •
Practical personal, present-day application. • Meditation on the
similarities between Joseph and Jesus Christ. • Suggested personal
prayer. If you desire to learn from a biblical hero, study God’s Word
using the King James Version of the Bible, grow deeper in your
understanding of God’s loving control, and apply what Joseph learned
about God in your own life, then this book is written for you. Don’t
wait another minute to start. Your faith and hope will flourish

Bottom Line:

Faith is more than just a Genesis Bible study book. The life of Joseph
as recorded in the book of Genesis is a beautifully inspired
foreshadowing of Jesus before the gospels and Mary Jane Humes expertly
brings this out in this daily devotional Bible study. For anyone
searching for Bible understanding made easy, or for resources to help
with spiritual growth for women, look no further than the Faith Series
devotionals. Using the King James Version of the Bible for the related
Scripture verses, this series of KJV devotionals for women are an
excellent resource for personal Bible study or even small groups.


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