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The Madison Hotel: A Story about Kindness, Empathy, and Standing up to Bullies

By Sean Smith

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Are you concerned about your child's safety and happiness? Bullying can take many forms and is unfortunately a prevalent issue among children. But fear not! "The Madison Hotel" is the perfect book to help your child learn how to handle bullies and build the resilience they need to overcome their challenges.

The Story is about three men who arrived at the Madison Hotel, each with a different attitude. As they interact with the hotel staff and each other, their actions have consequences that affect those around them. With an engaging story that is easy for kids to understand, "The Madison Hotel" teaches valuable lessons on how to be confident in the face of bullying and regain control of their own happiness.

So don't wait, grab a copy of "The Madison Hotel" and give your child the tools they need to feel empowered and proud of themselves!


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Book Length: 0-60 Pages