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I Love Christ : A Reflection Picture Book

By FiSha

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     Brethren, we all know that later we will definitely experience death. If you die today, do you all feel confident that you will be with God in Heaven ?. Most people don’t know how to answer this. But of course you all want to go to Heaven, right ?.

     So, if later God asks you all: “ Why should I allow you to enter My Heaven ?. “. Then what is your answer ?. Most people would say: “ We must obey worship, stay away from sin, do good, do charity, etc. “. But how good must it be, so that we can be worthy to enter Heaven ?.

     This picture book contains short reflections that will help you to find it out, how is God's way of saving his people, how to live a true faith, and how to practice it in everyday life.

     Please readers read it to the end. And if you find this helpfull, please share to your other family, friends, and neighbours.


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