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Self-Evaluation Life Roadmap Formula

By Master Steve

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This book draws the way of achieving "goals/ purposes" in work and life with the help of simple yet executable steps. it also shows how to focus on ones peculiar reality.
In the end , you will have lists and exceptional analyses, the most detailed one of which are written based on your own current "strength", "weaknesses", goals/ purposes', and current possibilities as well as internal , external factors and those around you. These will be written around your own language and expressions.
Nothing is more important than being acquainted with your peculiar realities by which you implement your plans. Although most people think that they are some what aware of their moral characters ( some of the are extremely insistent on their full understanding of their own selves). along the way, they become more realistic, introspective, deeper and more focused on their personality traits.
With this book you will be able to create a list of factors, such as strengths, weaknesses and how they affect the process of acheiving your goals.

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Master Steve