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A Plot Of Murder: A Mystery Comedy Play

By Lee Anians-Mueller

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A Murder Mystery Comedy Play in 2 acts. A Neighborhood Association meeting is the scene of building chaos. Lou Braunhorst, friendly neighbor and conspiracy theorist, has information that the quiet streets will soon be rezoned for commercial development. (but he also believes that Black Helicopters are transmitting signals through his satellite dish that put a "liberal spin" on his T.V. programs. But Lou's concerns do have validity. (The re-zoning, not the helicopters.) There is a 'secret' real estate scheme to institute "Eminent Domain" over the subdivision to make way for a Family Fun Pizza Parlor and a Strip Mall.
Councilman Ratcliff who knows more about the neighborhood 'take-over' than he wishes to reveal, can't stay around because he is participating as an Elvis Impersonator at 
Elvis-O-Rama and must leave. Before Elvis can 'leave the building', he turns up dead in the restroom. Was it foul play or the ultimate Elvis impersonation? Special Secret Agent McManshon is quick to arrive and conduct an investigation. It seems Secret Agent McManshon knows a lot about this plot of murder, but unfortunately, it's a secret. For now.

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Book Length: 60-150 Pages