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Introduction to Canning

By Linda C. Johnson

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Make Prepping for Meal Times Easy, Safe and Efficient by Learning How to Can - Guidance On How To Safely Can Food to Your Hearts Content! With Delicious and Healthy Recipes to Try!
Learning how to preserve food with a canner can seem daunting at first but with the help of this short beginner’s guide, you’ll be a professional in no time. Not only is canning good for the environment, but it can also transform your health while saving you money.

Learning this life-changing skill doesn’t have to be complicated. In truth, it is much simpler than you think; after all, humans have been canning for over two centuries. As a primer to the books Pressure Canning Without the Danger!, The Essential Guide to Pressure Canning for Beginners!, and Water Bath Canning for Beginners and Beyond!, this guide works to help you find your footing before you jump into the deep end of creating and canning your own delicious recipes.

Find the best and safest ways to can quick, practical, and tasty meals.

In Introduction to Canning: Beginner’s Guide to Safe Water Bath and Pressure Canning, you’ll discover:

Tips and tricks from an expert: Author Linda Johnson has years of experience under her belt, so you can ensure that you’re getting the absolute best information.
The different methods of canning: And when to use them.
Canning 101: The biggest mistakes people make when they first start canning.
The safest ways to Can: What supplies and equipment you’ll need to have the safest and easiest experience.
Discover a whole new world that’s fun and convenience with canning!

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Linda C. Johnson