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Proof of Life-After-Death : True tales of the Afterlife

By Steph Young

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This book is the result of two year’s investigation into mediumship, both past and present; of the dead physically returning, to be seen and heard; of ‘spirit doctors’ healing “incurable” patients, of interviewing numerous mediums, and of joining a development circle myself in order to become a medium. I’ve stepped into the most intriguing, compelling, and totally mind-blowing arena, where I’ve seen things I never thought possible; where I’ve communicated directly with family in the afterlife, had spirits take over my body, and felt the physical touch of spirits. I’ve heard dead people, been operated on by a “spirit doctor”, and I’ve been poked and tickled by spirit children. Of course, this is all very difficult to believe, and I’m as sceptical as the next person; so I’d encourage the reader to explore for themselves, to discover that no matter how much it defies our logical, rational mind, these things can and really do happen; that the dead are still around us all the time.


Book Length: 150-320 Pages