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Book 6: Gastrointestinal and Urologic Surgery

By Justin L. Lockman

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Pediatric Anesthesiology Review Topics (PART)

The complete PART series represents the combined knowledge of experts from across the United States. PART is intended to be a comprehensive but concise review of the basic science, clinical medicine, and anesthetic implications of diseases relevant to the pediatric anesthesia provider or other healthcare professionals caring for children in the perioperative setting.

For a comprehensive review of pediatric anesthesiology as well as OVER 300 MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS, please download all 11 volumes.

Each book in the PART series contains multiple chapters, each of which is complete with:

(1) A focused topic review
(2) Multiple-choice review questions (with answer explanations) for knowledge assessment
(3) A list of references for additional reading

Books available in the PART series include:

Book 1 – Genetics and Development for the Pediatric Anesthesiologist
Book 2 – Pharmacology for the Pediatric Anesthesia Provider
Book 3 – The Pediatric Airway and Thoracic Surgery
Book 4 – The Cardiovascular System and Cardiac Surgical Procedures
Book 5 – The Nervous System and Neurosurgery
Book 6 – Gastrointestinal and Urologic Surgery
Book 7 – Endocrine, Orthopedic, and Ophthalmologic Surgery
Book 8 – Hematology and Oncology
Book 9 – Neonatal Anesthesia
Book 10 – Pediatric Pain Medicine
Book 11 – Special Topics in Pediatric Anesthesiolog
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Book Length: 150-320 Pages