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25 Money-Making Business Ideas for Kids & Teens

By Nevin Buconjic

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25 Money-Making Business Ideas for Kids & Teens is a practical guide for young entrepreneurs looking to start a fun and profitable business. Begin by learning essential business concepts, discovering how to find a good business idea, and creating a simple one-page business plan.

Next, discover twenty-five age-appropriate business opportunities that require minimal investment and can be started quickly. Each business idea includes a list of what you'll need to get started and helpful tips on how to promote your products or services. From selling handmade crafts and baked goods to freelance writing or social media marketing, this book covers a wide range of business ideas that are fun, engaging, and profitable.

Inside 25 Money-Making Business Ideas for Kids & Teens, readers will learn:
Business fundamentals to set them on the right track
How to find great business ideas based on their own interests and skills
How to create a simple one-page plan to ensure success
How to promote their business for free or at little cost
Twenty-five amazing businesses they can start right away
Top ten tips for young entrepreneurs

Whether you are a kid or teen looking to make extra money or a parent looking to encourage your child's entrepreneurial spirit, 25 Money-Making Business Ideas for Kids & Teens is the perfect guide to help you get started. With its practical advice and creative ideas, this book is sure to inspire the next generation of business leaders.

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Nevin Buconjic