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Happiness on Demand: 3 Simple Steps to Overcome Negative Thoughts and Emotions, and Create a Life Filled with Joy

By Atte Nissinen

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Are you ready to break free from the chains of negative thinking, anxiety, and depression? In a world filled with well-intentioned advice that often falls short, this book offers a transformative path to lasting happiness.

Discover the profound impact of thoughts and beliefs on your journey to joy. Uncover the power to overcome negative thinking and stop stress and anxiety in their tracks. It's not just about cheering up; it's about fundamentally changing how you perceive and respond to life's challenges.

You may have come across the wisdom of "Change your beliefs, change your life" and "Be grateful for what you have." Undoubtedly, these truths hold the keys to happiness.

But the real challenge lies in the "how." How do you shift your beliefs? How can you summon gratitude when life feels like an uphill battle? How can you choose happiness when adversity knocks at your door?

The answer, illuminated within the pages of this transformative book, lies in elevating your awareness and reshaping your perception.

Behind every event in our lives lies not inherent negativity or positivity, but the lens through which we view it. When you learn to peer beyond the surface, you embark on a journey that reframes your entire outlook. Your thoughts will follow suit, birthing new beliefs that serve as the cornerstone of a joy-filled life.

Discover the profound shift that arises when you shift your perception. "Happiness on Demand" offers a three-step process that empowers you to delve into the heart of happiness and depression, conquer negative thoughts, and build habits of joy instead. 

Dive into this enlightening journey and unlock the power within to create a life filled with boundless happiness.

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Book Length: 320-650 Pages