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Fret Not: A Comprehensive Guide To Taming Your Anxiety

By Tiwayi Mushambi

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Insouciance (in-sue-sea-ents). Very few people know what the word means, and even fewer people experience it. It means living in a state of being worry-free, unruffled, unconcerned or nonchalant. When was the last time you ever felt that way? Completely at peace without an issue in the back of your mind? Fret Not is based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which is a proven track record of treating anxiety.
Inside "Fret Not," you'll discover:
- The different types of anxiety behaviors and how they affect you

- How to recognize your triggers and manage them effectively

- Techniques for calming your mind and body in moments of stress

- And so much more!
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ISBN: 9798223439905

Book Length: 0-60 Pages

Tiwayi Mushambi