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Worship Songs and the Law: How Churches Stay Legal and How Songwriters Get Paid

By Stephen Robert Cass

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This is a 2023 Christian Indie Awards book.

Church leadership: Did you know that only 42.4% of churches in North America are paying song copyright holders for their work? Do you know why church music licenses exist, who collects these fees and distributes the money?

Did you know that there's a clause in copyright law specifically for churches in the US? Let me tell you about the opportunities that this brings to songwriting and church ministries.

Do you know how independent songwriters and music publishers share in the revenue generated from church song licenses?

Worship songwriters: Would you like to know the exact method to document your songs and register them for the maximum royalties? Give this money to the church or build your songwriting ministry.

All these questions are answered in this comprehensive special report that promotes spreading the gospel and honoring the creative people who help to make all church ministries possible. Pass this report on to songwriters, musicians, worship pastors, and church leadership so they are informed about current copyright laws and the practices of paying for the use of intellectual property.

Get this complete information on what goes on behind the scenes in music selected for church today.

Stephen Robert Cass is an author, songwriter, worship leader, and musician playing and leading worship since 1970. He has over 70 titles in his song catalog at Christian Copyright Licensing International.
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Stephen Robert Cass