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Establishing a Culture of Lead Worshipers: How to Build a Worship Team

By Stephen Robert Cass

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It's simple: The worship team is the face of your church.

That's not to say that the coffee and children's ministries aren't important. It is to say that one of the main criteria people choose in a church is how the music ministry presents themselves and moves their hearts.

Everyone on the platform is a worship leader ...

Create a worship team culture:

To remove distractions from the purpose for gathering
That amplify the heart of worship
Where team members give 110% to lead people to the foot of the cross

Excellence in worship is attitude and focus ...

The attitude where team members wash the feet of worshipers
The focus to consciously remove distractions
To present the best possible musicianship

This book is for church leadership looking to build a worship team ministry, and leaders and members looking for a worship team manual ...
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ISBN: 978-1-7378891-2-0

Book Length: 60-150 Pages

Stephen Robert Cass