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Three’s a Company: For Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurs In the Making

By Dr. Tsvika Ben-Porat

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In the modern business world, risk is a given. Too often new entrepreneurs wind up paying a high price due to something that has nothing to do with volatility, competition, or unexpected developments: a simple lack of experience. What is essential is to recognize this fact and actively manage one’s own process of maturation, seeking a balance that will make it possible to walk the road of success without needless pitfalls. Dr. Tsvika Ben-Porat’s fascinating book, Three’s a company, imparts lessons and outlooks that will enhance each reader’s aptitude, ability, and confidence to create new businesses and to seize upon new opportunities.

Three's a company details how to cultivate an ability to see things from a wide perspective, to develop a vision, and to reach a harmonious balance among family, career, and time for oneself. Accompanying anecdotes, examples, and philosophical reflections will inspire and sustain readers in the course of their own individual journeys, as Three's a company conveys many messages applicable both in personal and professional matters. With a chapter dedicated to each aspect of the process of entrepreneurship, this instructive guide demonstrates how both the entrepreneur and the investor are engaging with risk. Three’s a company also deals with the subject of management, with insights founded academic research culled from the latest articles and books on the subject, and Dr. Ben-Porat’s practical observations based on years of managerial experience.

The process of achieving success inherently involves failure, and aspiring entrepreneurs need to know how to cope with these outcomes just as much as they need to be prepared for the outcomes that accompany success. Three's a company offers practical insight and detailed information on the emotional and psychological aspects of entrepreneurship that will better equip anyone who wants to embark on the exciting process of taking a great idea or invention and turning it into pure business reality.
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Book Length: 150-320 Pages