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What You Should Know Right Now

By Author R.A. Clark

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If something were to happen to you today or tomorrow, does your family know everything that there is to know about you? Would they know about your health insurance? Or if you have life insurance? Who is responsible for letting your job know what happened?

Even if you know all of the answers to these questions, what about the people that are closest to you… do they know? Who will tell the rest of your friends and your family? Most people keep all of their important numbers on their phones and they are the only person who knows the pin or password!

Did you know that these are just some of the questions that six out of every ten families struggle to answer every day when faced with a loved one’s long-term illness, such as cancer, a disability, from a stroke, heart attack, or an accident, or even, your death? Some parents leave more information for a babysitter on a date night, in the case of an emergency, than some people will tell their families about their final wishes!

That's why no matter how much you have, whether you are single or married, whether you have children, grandchildren, or just a cat or a dog, if you own a home or are just renting an apartment, you owe it to your friends and family to decide right now what should happen to everything that you have worked so hard for, and more importantly, what happens to you in the event of your long-term illness, disability, or, even your death.

Without it, did you know that, ultimately, a judge, who doesn’t know you or the people that you love, will decide who gets, or doesn’t get, what, and what ultimately happens to you? Don’t let that happen!

Protect your peace of mind, and more importantly, the people you love with the one thing that thousands of people every day only wish that someone gave them years ago. It is called "What You Should Know Right Now… My Final Wishes and Other Important Information in The Event of My Long-Term Illness, Disability, or Death.”

“What You Should Know Right Now” is designed to help you to organize your thoughts, gather necessary information, and to be able to share that information with your family if and when you can no longer speak for yourself. Important information like…

- Who to call and what you need to do right away.
- Vital information about you, including other family histories.
- How to locate important medical information.
- How to properly care for your children, and/or your pets.
- What bills to pay and services to stop or transfer.
- Information about your job and other sources of income.
- Information about your insurance, banking, and mortgage.
- Important legal information and so much more.

More importantly, only in “What You Should Know Right Now" will you also discovered the one move that every parent should have made, by now, to protect their children’s future. Most people still don’t know!

Maybe that is why “What You Should Know Right Now" is now the number one essential planning guide that every adult needs, especially as you are growing older, if you are a single parent, if you are ill, are a caretaker, preparing for major surgery, and/or a frequent traveler.

If you have an aging parent or other older relatives, help them to complete it. It is guaranteed to give them the chance to be remembered how they want to be remembered.

In the event of your death, it will provide your family with everything that they will need to know to celebrate your life, right down to the songs that you would like played at your funeral and who you would like to be there. This is important information that could easily be forgotten or overlooked. Best of all, it will now be all in one convenient location, when they need it the most.

Don’t leave your family with questions that only you can answer! Order a copy for you and someone you love right now!


ASIN: 0979930294

Book Length: 60-150 Pages

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