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Charmed - From Motown to Combat and Back!

By Tom McAuliffe

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From the rough streets of Detroit to the US Navy’s elite Combat Camera Group to Major Market Radio, Politics and Entertainment Tom Patrick McAuliffe’s life is one of the most interesting stories ever! Over coming a poor upbringing, Bullies, Drugs, ADHD and the AA gene… he’s an ordinary guy leading a extra ordinary life. Bringing hope for the mediocre after reading it you’ll say 'Here’s too Second Place!' because sometimes good enough… is just that. A saga of luck and hard work you will find that others will think about you what you think about you and McAuliffe’s life is a great example of using a little bit of talent and doing a lot with it. You’ll love this inspirational and humorous page turner.
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ISBN: 979-8-9892712-0-7

Book Length: 150-320 Pages