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Time Transcendence: A Collective Awakening

By Andre O Doeman

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In this five-part book of poetry, Andre Doeman paints a narrative of poetic stories focusing on the invaluable aspects of reflective practice to improve our mental health and become better versions of ourselves with others. Each poem compels readers to reflect and think about their growth as part of a collective.

Drawing from his experiences between Jamaica and the United States and his encounters with those who have shared the reality they face throughout their lives, Doeman poignantly illustrates themes of health, love, and spirituality, among others while showing how each of those themes through reflective and meditative practice influences the human condition – thus triggering a transcending of one’s current self. Other themes such as triumph, the messages in Hip-Hop, variety in language, and the immigrant experience intertwined with an understanding of the development of Mother Earth is sprinkled tastefully throughout this poetic art. Earth speaks with hopes and faith that we will transcend together and find peace within our experiences.
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Book Length: 60-150 Pages