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Broken Pieces: (and the fun things you can do with them)

By Reedy Gibbs

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Torn between family, a demanding husband, and emotional upheaval, can an aspiring young actress find the courage to embrace her passion and independence in the face of overwhelming obstacles?

Born in Louisville, Kentucky, the youngest in a family of six children, Reedy Gibbs was tormented by her mentally disturbed eldest brother and learned to survive by staying out of the way and doing as she was told. After graduating high school, she moved to Chicago to pursue her dream of becoming an actress. Caught up in the big city excitement and her new life, she meets a handsome but troubled musician and gets lured into his stoner lifestyle.

Receiving tragic news from home, her life spirals out of control. Grief and fear cloud her judgment, and she allows herself to be seduced into marriage.

Always the pleaser, she goes along with her husband’s dream of living on a Northern California commune, even though her heart longs to be in the city pursuing her dream of acting professionally. After years of living as hippies, they buy land of their own and build a rock house with their bare hands, and Reedy gives birth to two children. She endures years of living without electricity, plumbing, or a telephone; however, these hardships do not deter her from her dream. Finally, she endeavors to stand up for herself and begin life anew as a working actress and single mother.

A memorable adventure filled with vibrant characters, hardships endured, and inner strength revealed, Reedy’s memoir will take you on a journey that will inspire and amuse, but, most of all, will fill your heart with hope that all difficulties can be overcome.
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Book Length: 150-320 Pages

Reedy Gibbs