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Empowered Parenting

By Norah Daley

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Do you sometimes doubt your ability to raise and discipline your strong-willed child?
Parenting is not always smooth sailing, especially when you are raising a child with explosive rage, behavioral issues, or a developmental disorder.
Despite your best efforts at being empathetic, you may struggle to build a healthy parent-child bond when your child refuses to listen to you, follow rules, or open up about their feelings.
Empowered Parenting is a proactive guide that looks at parenting from both the adult's and the child's perspective and seeks to find a healthy balance.
This book aims to explore positive coping strategies for both parents and children, including ways to manage strong emotions, build emotional resilience, and communicate effectively.
Some of the topics covered in the book include:
How to recognize your harmful behavioral patterns and emotional triggers to prevent you projecting them onto your child.
Exploring positive parenting techniques that encourage mutual respect, learning from mistakes, and freedom of choice.
Constructive approaches to disciplining toddlers, preschoolers, and teens that don't involve punishment.
A gentle approach to raising children with special needs, including tips on how to address attention, hypersensitivity, and behavioral issues.
This guide is an effective resource that can help you undo harmful parenting patterns and learn how to relate to your child in a manner they can accept and understand.
It's never too late to form a strong and healthy connection with your child. Take the first step today by purchasing your copy of Empowered Parenting.


Book Length: 60-150 Pages