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Cold Beer and a Hot Dart

By Brandon Wolfe

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Before smartphones or international data plans, global adventure travel required extensive pre-trip research, solid street smarts, survival ingenuity, human interaction, guidebooks, paper maps, cross-cultural knowledge, and a shit ton of luck. This compelling memoir follows Brandon Wolfe and his international companions as they navigate that world of wanderology 12,000 km/7,450 miles by land and water throughout several countries within Southeast Africa.

Brandon and his comrades find themselves evading wild animals, braving disease, encountering natural wonders, meeting unforgettable locals, and even scrambling to overcome their own stupidity to take in every dose of pure adventure. This riveting expedition explores the openness in authentic friendships, revels in the uncertainties within technology-free travel, captures the wonder of human resilience, yet also gets candid on the victories and struggles that come along with an addiction to adventure.

Cold Beer and a Hot Dart is a rollicking, hedonistic coming of age story that blends excitement, heart, wit, and self-reflection into a captivating, old school backpacking journey.


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Book Length: 60-150 Pages