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Barbara O'Neill's Teachings on Natural Healing

By Roberta Lane

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The pharmaceutical companies do not want you to know: "THE BODY CAN HEAL ITSELF." ✅

This book is inspired by the information and theories of Dr. Barbara O'Neill, through the knowledge you will gain you will be guided to empower your body to heal itself.
“The human body is a perfect machine, and through this fantastic book you will discover how to make it work perfectly.”

⚠️ PLEASE NOTE: This book could be censored at any moment, buy it without thinking, don't say we didn't warn you...

Here is what you will find in this guide:
THE THEORY OF NATURAL HEALING: A theoretical outline of what natural healing is and the principles on which it is based.
THE BASICS OF MEDICINAL HERBS: Why are herbs so important? And how did our ancestors treat themselves with only what nature offered.
HOW TO HEAL DIGESTIVE PROBLEMS: How to set up the body to treat problems in our digestive system.
OPTIMIZING THE IMMUNITARY SYSTEM: How to make your body a war machine to disease.
MODERN PROBLEMS: How to stay relaxed in a world full of anxiety, sadness, stress, excessive productivity. Create your own relaxation routine.
HAIR AND SKIN: How to make your hair spendy, how to prevent and treat alopecia and premature hair loss, how to achieve smooth, impurity-free skin.
WOMEN'S PROBLEMS: How to optimize the female body and balance hormones.
FERTILITY AND HEALTH: A close look at the overall health of the male and female reproductive system.
WE ARE LOOKING OUT FOR THE CHILDREN: How to use natural healing on many children's conditions.
CHRONIC CONDITIONS: Some chronic conditions are easily improved and healed if you start doing these things.
DEPURATION IS IMPORTANT: The modern body is full of toxins; find out how you can cleanse it to bring it back to its original perfect shape.
🎁 BONUS: Recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and herbal teas.
📖 A glossary to learn about all the most important terms in herbalism.
🎥 A collection of Videos where Barbara O'Neill explains her theories.

Whether you are a beginner or already an experienced healer, I am sure you will find this book very clear, practical, and with many tips to introduce into your daily wellness routine.

Do your body a favor, put it in the best condition and let it thrive on its own. We have a self-healing power that may leave you truly amazed, discover it through this book.
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Book Length: 60-150 Pages