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Why I Believe in the Supernatural Power of God

By Michael Van Vlymen

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This is My Testimony as to Why I Believe the Supernatural Power of God is Present and Available to Us Today.

Many people have asked me who I am, where I came from and what I believe,. I teach about things that challenge many people and therefor people want to know my background and why I believe and teach the things I do. In this testimony I share my salvation experience, my family background, the church I was raised in and how it came that the Lord introduced me to His amazing power.

This testimony is not comprehensive by any means and I will add to this testimony as the Lord leads me.

Those who wish to know more about me or have specific questions may contact me at River of Blessings International Ministries or also via Facebook.

*** Please note that this book/testimony will be given free on a regular basis and therefor there is no need to pay for it. Thank you.


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Michael Van Vlymen