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The Wheel of 8 Fears of Entrepeneurs

By Celia Soonets

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Longing to start or build your own business, but feeling crippled by uncertainty? Discover how to make your venture soar today.

Over 30 years, the author, Celia Soonets, has skillfully built her market research company, overseeing its expansion into four countries. Celia assisted businesses, from large corporations to small enterprises, leveraging information and research to facilitate their decision-making.

This author understands the psychology of entrepreneurs, and the values, attitudes, mindset, and habits conducive to success. She can help your venture soar. Do not miss this.

Celia Soonets, MBA will explain what’s triggering fight-or-flight responses so that you can leverage seemingly negative reactions into growth and progress.

The Wheel of 8 Fears of Entrepreneurs, is a cutting-edge conceptual model for classifying any concern and creating a system to turn it around. Breaking global statistical analysis down into a practical and easy-to-read tool, Soonets offers empathy, companionship, and solutions for people at all stages of running their own business. And by learning to look at every facet of fear in a unique way, you’ll be able to stop battling those formless thoughts and address each issue with a precise tactical plan.

You’ll discover:
- Simple yes or no questions for identifying each type of unease and addressing it head-on
- How to recognize internal versus external change so you can regain a sense of control
- Why fear is not the enemy and admitting your feelings can be safe, smart, and productive
- A six-step process of self-reflection that will leave you refreshed and confident
- Down-to-earth examples taken from daily life, and much, much more!

The Wheel of 8 Fears of Entrepreneurs is an invaluable toolbox for anyone involved in a business. If you like straightforward systems, actionable advice, and guidance from someone who’s been there, then you’ll love Celia Soonets’ relatable resource.

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ISBN: 978-9945-18-746-5

Book Length: 150-320 Pages

Celia Soonets