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Play The Game Of Life To Win

By J Trent Williams

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My prayer is that this book will illuminate minds, ignite passion, and uplift all who delve into its pages. As the first African American commercial banker in Albany, Georgia, I faced intolerance, but that is not the focus of my story. My story centers around the struggle to conquer adversity and achieve personal growth by pushing through the obstacles of life and find success. It's important for the motivation to come from within, but we all need a little encouragement along the way.

I have been exceedingly blessed by God, and I have learned, that no one accomplishes anything by themselves. Supportive people were placed in my life by God, and they nurtured my growth and offered guidance as a young professional. Alongside the supportive ones, there were also those who offered no support. I believe that God carefully planned and orchestrated events in my life to help me grow and develop. His blessings were bestowed upon me silently, even when I was unaware of them. He navigated my path to put me where I needed to be at the appointed time to be productive. He taught me the importance of not letting temporary circumstances dictate permanent decisions.

What I have learned about these situations in life is that there is always a better way to handle these uncomfortable life challenges. And I am sharing my wisdom and knowledge on how to stay in the game and win and I sincerely hope others may benefit from my life's challenges and lessons and be a blessing to others.


Book Length: 60-150 Pages