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Praying the Word of Grace

By Jonah Priour

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⭐ Award-Winning Book ⭐
Does your heart long to be immersed in God and His amazing grace?
This book is filled to overflowing with the riches of God’s grace found in the pages of Scripture. For years, I have loved praying the Scripture, and have been captivated by the theme of grace that permeates it.

When tragedy struck my world unexpectedly, these became my lifeline.

In 2017, our firstborn son was born by emergency c-section in critical condition. In 2019, he passed away at 20 months old.

In the wake of utter devastation, I felt absolutely empty and had no idea how to pray. At just the right time, Christ met me with an embrace of undeniable hope. Finding us in our darkness, God’s Word and His grace were the lights that lit our way home and gave us life again.

In Part One of this book, you’ll hear:

Raw and honest personal stories from when I was rescued from despair by the Word of Life.
Exciting inspirations and revelations gathered from peering intently into God’s glorious grace.
Practical tools and insights that have helped me to deeply receive grace by faith, through Scripture and prayer.

In Part Two, you’ll find:

A full treasure chest of over 200 grace-filled scriptures, carefully gathered from 20 different translations.
31 rich, in-depth prayers, crafted from the scriptures, filled with declarations, affirmations, and ecstatic responses to the truth of who God is and all He has freely given us in Christ and His finished work.

Above all, I pray this book leads you into personally experiencing the God of grace for yourself in greater and greater ways. Encounter after encounter, grace upon grace.

May we find the amazing grace of God in the deep, the true and the real. Grace is the place where the brilliant and beautiful light of Heaven fills our lives, no matter how dark it may seem. Where we are transformed from the inside out. Where we are fully embraced by perfect love that reaches into our world, and we are loved to life and wholeness, right where we are … all because of who Love is.

Whether on top of the mountain or down in the middle of the mess, God and His grace are all around us. Freely given to us, overflowing to us, right at our fingertips. We only need to reach out our hands …

So, will you reach out and take the journey with me?

“From His fullness we have all received grace upon grace.” (John 1:16, BSB)


Book Length: 150-320 Pages