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The View from the Clinic

By Patrice D'Amato

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Walk through the doors of an abortion clinic in this powerful memoir from a nurse who has been there.
Abortion is an emotionally charged topic. Morality, social justice, religion, and law have transformed an intimately personal medical choice into an intensely collective debate.
But behind the heated rhetoric are the very real stories of women who have felt alone, scared, and helpless. There are also the stories of the people who work at the clinics. It’s time to remove politics from the conversation in the United States and shine a light on the multifaceted medical and personal experiences from the inside.
Throughout her nearly four-decades-long nursing career, Patrice D’Amato has seen the most diverse cross section of the human population inside abortion clinics. A compassionate mosaic memoir, The View from the Clinic normalizes and humanizes abortion through the experiences of patients, families, and staff inside a clinic—from the eyes and heart of a nurse who worked there.
You’ll discover:
A transparent, clinical perspective into the medical and sociocultural facets of abortion services in America, including why abortion is a necessary reproductive health procedure.
Common myths—and the truth—about the long-term effects of abortions on women’s health.
What happens during an appointment to terminate a pregnancy, whether through surgery or an abortion pill.
The fascinating history of birth control before Roe—and how abortion was a highly visible, accepted aspect of sexual health in American culture for our not-so-distant ancestors.
Stories of patients’ paths to abortion, from a headstrong pregnant teen to a heartbroken, miscarrying mom.
Whether an abortion is a choice you are faced with or you carry the mental and emotional weight from the past, know you’re not alone. Pull the exam room curtain aside, and journey into a new perspective of abortion with The View from the Clinic.


Book Length: 150-320 Pages


Patrice D'Amato