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Interesting Stories About Remarkable People

By Yaniv Magal

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Which insect cost Charles Darwin his marriage? Who nominated Adolf Hitler for a Nobel Peace Prize? And which beloved White House pet single-handedly saved an American president’s career?

The silly, amusing, unbelievable, and astounding come together in this colorful collection of stories about exceptional people spanning centuries of history around the world. From scientists, athletes, and artists to strategists, spies, and world leaders, Interesting Stories About Remarkable People brings history to life as you’ve never heard it told before.

Dive into the complicated politics, delicious conspiracies, and torrid affairs of the past in bite-sized segments that will enrich your mind and tickle your imagination.

These are just some of the interesting people you will meet inside:
Napoleon Bonaparte
Eleanor Roosevelt
Alexander Graham Bell
Marie Antoinette
Muhammad Ali
Marie Curie
Nikola Tesla
Nelson Mandela
And many, many more…
Whether you’re a history enthusiast or simply curious about the lives that have left a mark on humanity, settle in for a spellbinding journey through the corridors of time.


Book Length: 320-650 Pages