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Praying the Book of Revelation

By Elmer Towns

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Don't just read the Scriptures... Pray the Scriptures!

If you avoid reading the Book of Revelation because it is too mysterious, confusing, and even too scary to consider, get ready for an exciting surprise!

Sit with John in the small dark cave as he receives the Spirit who gives hope and encouragement to suffering Christians.

See the angels John saw holding back the wind and delivering the judgments.

Walk with John as he shuffles through the sand to share with other prisoners the wonders of Christ— his Master and Friend.

Kneel with John as he worships and thanks God for His daily bread.

John the Revelator, 90 years frail and imprisoned on an island, reveals God’s plan for the Church—and you.

Pray the Book of Revelation with author Elmer Towns as he applies the vivid drama and intricate symbolism in Revelation. Dr. Towns’ personal journey to the Isle of Patmos, his recovery from cancer, and his extensive experience studying the Scriptures, equip him with a unique perspective.


Book Length: 150-320 Pages