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The Story of Keilah (Pepperville Stories Book 1)

By Joann Keder

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In this humorous and sometimes heartbreaking coming of age novel, Keilah Brownwell finds herself unexpectedly separated from her family. Forced to start over in a new community, she moves to the tiny town of Sandy Salts, Iowa. Moving away from the family farm for the first time is just the beginning of her challenges.

Her peculiar elderly landlord, Dee, has a dark secret that has followed her since childhood. While she avoids discussing it, Keilah realizes Dee is  haunted by her past.

Digging into the cold case residents of Sandy Salts have all but forgotten, Keilah unwittingly discovers shocking secrets blocked out from her own painful experiences. The explosive truth she uncovers could change the town of Sandy Salts and Keilah, forever.


Book Length: 320-650 Pages

Joann Keder