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Living Strong After Abuse: Stop Being a Victim and Start Living (Narcissism Toolkit: How to Handle, Step Away From and Recover from Narcissists Book 2)

By Theresa Jackson

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from emotional abuse? This 30-day course is packed full of evidence-based tools
and research, providing proven exercises to do at home that will put you
back on the right path.

There's no small need
for resources like this one, with one third of women experience abuse
during their life time the need has never been greater. Though the effects
of abuse can be devastating and long-reaching, abuse recovery does not need to
be the focal point of an abuse escapee's life indefinitely.

You'll learn CBT, resilience building and confidence boosting exercises,
plus you'll build connections to healthy sources of support.

But before the exercises comes understanding. You'll be diving into the
various groups who abuse, ranging from those who experienced emotional abuse at
home and are continuing the cycle, to those who have dysphoric and emotional
control issues, to those with dark personality traits such as narcissism,
psychopathy, Machiavellianism and sadism

How does the science surrounding abuse help people usually? The sad truth is
that often it doesn't.

If someone doesn't have access to free, professional services, a lot of the
information held by researchers and therapists has a very difficult time
reaching people who need it. That's where this book jumps in. 

Using a central concept of "thrivership" over
"survivorship," as shown to be more effective by the latest research
into abuse recovery, this book is crammed full of tools to help you:

  • Put the experience of abuse into context

  • Build confidence and self-esteem

  • Establish yourself as the main focal point of your life

  • Guide you back towards feeling resilient and
    empowered again

You'll Learn:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

  • Social support

  • Self-esteem building exercises

  • Contextualizing experiences

  • Proven positive psychology tools

  • Many more...

What Other People Are Saying:

  • "This course is amazing, it's really helped
    me start to see what happened to me more objectively and my confidence is
    starting to go up again."

    Naria Thompson

  • "I didn't know much about dark personalities like sadists
    and I was surprised to find out that my ex had a very sadistic streak.
    Alarm bells certainly started ringing at that point. The worksheets were
    really good, I enjoyed the course and I'm going to keep going with the CBT
    and positive psychology
    sheets afterwards."
    Sarah Howell

  • "I liked how the author clearly cares even
    though she's writing the book from a scientific background. I've joined a support
    as part of one of the exercises in the course and I find it
    helps me a lot to be able to share with people who understand when
    I'm having a bad day." Linda Buqurque

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ISBN: 978-1913985066

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Book Length: 150-320 Pages