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Hits, Heathens, and Hippos: Stories from an Agent, Activist, and Adventurer

By Marty Essen

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“A thoroughly
absorbing and inherently fascinating account of a most unusual life lived out
in a series of equally unusual circumstances.”—Midwest Book Review

Everyone has
dreams of what they want to accomplish in life. Marty Essen’s childhood dream
of becoming a
herpetologist gave way to his dream of becoming a popular
DJ, which led to his dream of becoming a big-time talent manager, which morphed
into the dream of becoming an in-demand author and college speaker. While he achieved
most of his dreams at various levels, he also realized that he didn’t
necessarily have to reach the top to find success or happiness. S
ometimes “almost” is close enough. 

Hits, Heathens, and Hippos: Stories
from an Agent, Activist, and Adventurer
is a humorous and inspirational memoir that explores relationships
and careers and how seemingly minor events can lead to life-changing results. Compelling
stories have filled Marty’s life, and he tells those stories in a
conversational style that combines his talents as an award-winning author with his
talents as the creator of a one-man stage show that he has performed at hundreds
of colleges across the United States.

This is a
must-read for anyone faced with an unexpected career change, worried about
finding and keeping the partner of their dreams, forced to take on bullies
(whether individual, political, or corporate), eager for ideas to make life
more satisfying, or just in search of a fun-filled adventure.

stories include:

  •  Growing
    up with an over-the-top, born-again Christian father, who prayed aloud in
    restaurants, thought Satan possessed his Masonic lodge watch, and attempted to faith-heal
    his old Toyota.

  •  Becoming
    the youngest disc jockey in Minnesota history, where he survived an on-air
    attack from a jealous DJ and learned that
    rock ’n’ roll and country radio stations have
    vastly different groupies.

  •  Running
    multiple music talent agencies and becoming one of the top young talent
    managers in America.

  •  Telling
    the best lie ever to reel in and marry an amazing woman that the media would later
    dub as his “intrepid wife.”

  •  Moving
    to Montana, where he founded one of the state’s fastest growing independent telephone
    companies and an unusual baseball league with pro-prospects and out-of-control

  • Surviving
    as an outspoken liberal in the most conservative region of Montana and dealing
    with the death threats and dirty tricks that came with it.

  • Heartwarming
    and humorous stories from his relationships with musicians, governors,
    senators, and a very special Democratic nominee for President of the United

  • Traveling
    to all seven continents in search of rare and interesting wildlife, backpacking
    with a tribe known for headhunting, and surviving a vicious hippo attack.

Be inspired,
intrigued, and entertained!


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Book Length: 150-320 Pages

Marty Essen