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So You Feel Stuck in Your Career?: 20 thought-provoking ideas and 100+ self-coaching tools to awaken your inner guru and get you moving boldly!

By Martha D. Karimi

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Everyone who has a job or hopes to get a job someday should read this book!

Imagine having a trusted friend who journeys with you in every step of your career. One who provokes you to think about your incredible self in powerful and transformative ways that inspire you to go after what you really want in your career?

This book is that trusted and timeless friend.

The truth is, the ultimate solution to reinvent our careers and move boldly towards our aspirations begins by looking within. How has our thinking shaped our current career realities? How have our unchecked truths moulded our sense of self-worth? Why do we perceive hiring teams the way we do? What prevents us from celebrating our achievements? What is our relationship with our ability to create value?

Unfortunately, our professional world is clouded by noise and busyness. We can hardly manage a minute to pause and honestly ask ourselves, how did I get here? Where do I desire to go next? And is that where I want to go?
What talents and strengths are unfolding? Why does this job suck the life out of me? What does this persistent itch for change tell about my potential? What is my worth? What makes me so afraid to ask for my career desires?

These questions might feel daunting. Often, we tend to avoid facing ourselves this way. Or when we do, we lack professional guidance to work through these constructively. Other times, one is too distracted to focus or is unclear where and how to get started.

This is why this book is like no other career book you've ever read! It is packed with dozens of rich, magical stories drawn from all around the world, conversations with other ambitious professionals like you, and analogies from the mysteries of our day-to-day lives. 'So You Feel Stuck in Your Career' is a conversational starter that promises you a memorable journey through the bizarre beautiful world of your career. Your thinking will be provoked. You will remember the remarkable professional you are. You will find inspiring stories from your career journey. Ultimately, you will experience a transformative overhaul in how you perceive your abilities.

The truth is, we are never stuck. We are in a phase that requires us to shift how we see ourselves, our careers, the job market, and the organizations we work for. To reevaluate what matters to us and how our patterns have shaped our careers.

This book is a gift to yourself if you are looking to reinvent your career and are committed to going all the way to achieve the desired change. If you seek a timeless resource that will always offer you elevating insights, you have the right copy in your hands.

This is an invitation to pause the noise and invite yourself to a genuine conversation. The 20 ideas and 100+ self-coaching tools shared will help you turn your career inside out, upside down, giving you the clarity you seek to move ahead. The frameworks are long-lasting & relevant no matter your career stage or state.

By the end of the ride, you will remember to:

Give yourself a break
Stop feeling 'stuck'
OWN your talents, strengths, and badassery
Carry out highly strategic experiments, catapulting you ahead
Adopt powerful mindsets and proven techniques to get your dream job
Approach your career growth strategically and intentionally
Create a career audit culture
Ditch modesty, own your worth
Trust yourself
Create a new career vision
Create a powerful professional network
And many more!

Yes, you will laugh, remember your awesomeness, and a lot of your thinking will shock you. The insights you draw will be refreshing & empowering. And sometimes, you will find the author annoyingly yet lovingly direct.
Grab a copy. I can't wait to hear about your EPIC career transformation!


Book Length: 150-320 Pages

Martha D. Karimi